Michael Hurdman

Assistant Professor: Christian Ministries

Video: Meet Professor Hurdman
Phone: 405-692-3114
Email: [email protected]

I currently serve as an Assistant Professor in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) Christian Ministries degree program, and as an adjunct in the College of Arts and Science (CAS) School of Ministry. Thus, I have the privilege of engaging both traditional and adult students. This arrangement also provides me the opportunities to teach in the classroom setting as well as online.

My unique professional background has prepared me for where I am now.  Through the years, I have been a jet mechanic, carpenter, and maintenance supervisor. As an adult, I attended Nazarene Bible College, where I earned an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies. I received both my Bachelor of Science Leadership degree and my Master of Ministry degree while attending Southwestern Christian University. In 26 years of pastoral ministry, prior to coming to MACU, I served the Lord in a variety of roles. In conjunction with pastoral duties, I have been the principal of a Christian school, and the contractor in building a new church facility. Since 2010 I have served the Church of God (Anderson, IN) in higher education.

Over my many years in education either as a student or as a professor, I have had the opportunity to witness how instructors engage with their students. I have been a student at MACU when I was earning my certificate in Curriculum and Instruction. It was during this time I was able to observe MACU instructors from a student’s perspective. I have found that MACU professors and adjunct instructors are more available to respond and assist their students and they strive to help their students succeed. This makes me proud to be a part of this University.