Growing Our Family

Growing Our Family – a six-month initiative to prepare MACU for growth!

Growing is a fitting descriptor of MACU in recent years, as we have seen a five-year growth in our enrollment and retention rates. More students are coming to MACU, and an increasingly high number of them are continuing once they get here! This fall, enrollment was up 17% over last year! This introduces one of the best problems a Christian University might face: our residence halls are beyond capacity, with no more room for additional students.

To provide room for growth, MACU plans to renovate Pumpelly Hall, which has not been occupied since 2015 and is in great need of repair and updating. For a cost of $500,000, Pumpelly Hall can be ready with new carpet, paint, furniture, roof, and HVAC to house up to 60 additional students when students arrive in August 2024.

This renovation is part of MACU’s Growing Our Family funding initiative through May 2024. With a goal of $1.7 million by May 31, 2024, Growing our Family will also include providing financial aid for students attending this year, as well as other important projects for growth.

Every dollar given between now and December 31 will be doubled with our $250,000 matching gift.