Alumni Spotlight: Caitlin Butler-Myers

By: Anna-Kate Weichel

An eighteen-year-old girl from Texas came to MACU to play softball, but she had no idea of all the wonderful things that were on her horizon. Caitlin Butler Myers graduated from MACU in the spring of 2020. She studied ministry leadership and pastoral care while playing softball and being an active member of her church. She also also took part in MACU’s Practicum in Pastoral Care courses while she was a student.

Throughout her time at MACU, she was able to connect with many professors and grow her relationship with God. “All of my professors have done an amazing job preparing me for what I want to do in the future,” Butler-Myers said.

She even stays connected with her MACU professors to this day. One of her professors, Cliff Sanders, taught a class during her first semester at
MACU and truly made an impact on her. She was able to reconnect herself to the Word through his teachings. Now, she attends his Sunday School class weekly, and Sanders even officiated her wedding.

The most important relationship she was able to foster during her time at MACU, however, was her relationship with God. With the encouragement of her classmates and professors, she joined LifeChurch, where she thrived in her small group and eventually met the love of her life. Caitlin Butler-Myers and her husband, Dalton, have been happily married for almost a year now and have big plans for their future together.

For Butler-Myers, those big plans include a career in oncology, in which she is working part-time while she studies nursing at the University of Oklahoma. She anticipates graduating this July.

“My time at MACU made my first year of nursing school really easy,” Butler-Myers said. “It made talking with and relating to patients way easier. Most importantly, it prepared my heart to go in there and be a light for Jesus.” Butler-Myers said she finds joy in being able to medically help people while showing God’s love through her care.

“I pray with people every day or just encourage them sometimes,” she said. “I want to go in there and show them what the love of God is like.”

In the future, Butler-Myers has dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner and using her intelligence and kindness for good. She wishes to open up her own no-cost clinic to help the disadvantaged. “God knew what he was doing when he sent me to MACU. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t come here. I wouldn’t have the passion for healthcare and the compassion for people that I do. Everything that has happened in my life I cannot attribute to myself — only to God!”