CFO Mici Sartin Retires After 18 Years

President Dr. John Fozard remembers interviewing a Christian CPA for the position of Chief Financial Officer almost twenty years ago.

As the interview progressed, he recognized that the candidate had a deep love for the Lord and a commitment to her family and church. Her credentials were impeccable — so he thought it only fair to be fully transparent.

“Our business software was antiquated and really not fully implemented,” Fozard recalled. “I showed her our latest financial report. At the time, the university was effectively an operating bankruptcy.”

Unbelievably, the candidate chose to accept the position.

“What person accepts a position to work for an organization in financial duress with no assurance that they themselves would be paid a regular salary? I suppose the only answer is ‘a person who feels called by the Lord to that position!’”

That person was Mici Sartin. Sartin has worked at MACU for the last 18 years, serving as both Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Financial Officer. For her, every day has been filled with thoughtful Christian people, impactful events and a visionary journey that she never would have expected when she first started.

“I am grateful to have been chosen to do the job of CFO for MACU. While I had a good background for the work that needed to be done, I had no idea that I would come to love the higher education industry, which was a new industry for me, and that this was an answer to prayer for me,” Sartin said.

And she proved to be an answer to prayer for the university.

Fozard said that because of her leadership, MACU today exhibits outstanding financial management and fiscal stability.

“It was Mici’s faith and fortitude that began a remarkable leadership journey that helped the university emerge from its financial exigency,” Fozard said. “I am personally grateful for her integrity and work ethic.”

Sartin said she often laughed when she thought she would never find another industry that would prove as challenging and fulfilling as other industries she worked in, but she realized that higher education would stretch her and cause her to learn something new almost daily.

“I feel very fortunate that I was challenged, fulfilled and able to do what I was called to do for the Lord.”