MACU Partners with Churches to Offer New Learning Opportunities

MACU has a long history of partnerships with local congregations. Whether it’s offering classes to a church in Houston or broadcasting classes across the U.S., MACU has always strived to meet students where they are while providing a quality education.

To further that mission, MACU is proud to announce partnerships with two Church of God congregations to offer a unique learning opportunity for leaders in and out of the local church.

The Mansfield School for Professional Studies, named for Rev. Dr. Richard and Rev. Cynthia Mansfield, is one of MACU’s new learning partnerships. The Mansfields pastor New Beginnings Church of God in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the new partnership is located. Through the Mansfield School for Professional Studies, students can take college courses and earn a variety of certificates. These courses allow students to grow their knowledge and pursue one of the many degrees offered by MACU. Classes will be offered both online and at the church.

Currently, there are various certificate classes available. Exploring Wesleyan Theology 1 and 2, taught by Dr. Cliff Sanders, are designed to give students applicable knowledge to Christian living, an investigation on how God affects everything in someone’s life and a deeper dive into the work of Jesus. Other classes that will be offered are The Phygital (Physical-Digital) Church and Congregational Care.

“These programs are specially designed to provide individuals from all walks of life with an avenue to improve their leadership skills, whether they are in a position of leadership at their workplace or in the church, or if they are simply wishing to become better leaders in everyday life,” said MACU President Dr. John Fozard.

These certificate programs can also be converted to college credits and applied towards a degree from MACU. This allows for students to dip their toes in the subject area while also planning ahead for their futures.

MACU has also partnered with First Church in Columbus, Ohio, to establish the Bishop Timothy J. Clarke School for Professional Studies. Similarly, this partnership allows for students to receive an education at their church and benefit the surrounding areas.

Bishop Dr. Timothy J. Clarke is the senior pastor of First Church in Columbus, Ohio and is looking forward to this new collaboration. “The partnership between First Church, MACU and myself is one we’ve had for many years,” Clarke said. “We are committed to developing the lives and leadership of those in our church and community.”

Partnerships like these allow MACU to bring the education to the people, rather than students having to be in Oklahoma to get this learning experience.

The courses are a blended method of online and in-person work. This helps students be able to learn in the best way that fits them. Fozard said he is looking forward to the learning partnerships and all that students can get out of them. “MidAmerica is excited to partner with our friends at First Church of God and New Beginnings Church of God in order to offer new certificate programs,” he said.

Each course in the certificate program lasts just five weeks at the cost of just $195, with an additional $100 scholarship for the first 25 qualified participants for a limited time. For students wishing to earn multiple certificates, the price of each course following the first class is reduced to just $149. Clarke is very passionate about education and hopes to see many others join in. “I would encourage students of all ages to continue to expand and extend their impact and influence through training in education,” he said, “and this program is a wonderful way to do that.”