MACU’s Erica Alvarez-Stanton Awarded with ’20 Under 40′ Honors

Mid-America Christian University’s Executive Director of Community Outreach and Services, Erica Alvarez-Stanton, was named a “Top 20 Under 40” honoree by Jóvenes Emprendedores y Profesionales en OK.

Since Alvarez-Stanton assumed her role in December 2021, she has implemented Latino and Asian Youth Empowerment Days to give minority groups the resources they need to be successful and have mentors. 

The award recognizes individuals who have provided outstanding dedication and service to the local community and those who empower the next generation of young Latinos.

“Being nominated and selected for this award means that the Latino community has recognized my commitment to empowering not only our next generation, but also their caregivers who came here with a dream for their family to prosper,” Alvarez-Stanton said. “I want to express my gratitude to our leadership at Mid-America Christian University for allowing me to do His work.” 

Erica grew up in Brownsville, Texas, just a few miles from the border of Mexico. She said all of her classmates were Hispanic, the career paths were limited and she had to teach herself English through primary school. 

Upon graduating high school, she knew she was ready for a change. She moved to Kansas to become a student-athlete at McPherson College, while studying education and experiencing a more diverse college environment. Alvarez-Stanton earned her Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Central Oklahoma.