Rose State College — AA or AS to Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education

The courses listed here are required for the agreement. Credited courses completed as part of the A.A. or A.S. that do not apply to the general education RSC or the MACU major transfer to MACU as electives and bible classes.

RSC Courses  

ENGL 1113 English Comp I
ENGL 1213 English Comp II
ENGL 2113 Intro to Literature
MCOM 1213 Public Speaking
HIST 1113 Fed Govt   
HIST 1483 US History to 1877 or HIST 1493 US History since 1877 
PSYC 1113 Intro to Psych    
MATH 1513 College Algebra 
MATH 2023 Found. of Geometry & Measurement
MATH 2013 Structures of Math  
PHSC 1003 Earth Science  
PHSC 1001 Earth Science Lab    
GEOG 1114 Phys Geography w/lab  
BIOL 1114 Intro to Biology w/lab  
MATH 2033 Analysis & Data of Chance 
PSYC 2213 Developmental Psychology   
ORI 1101 College Orientation   
PHIL 1103 Intro to Philosophy  
HPER 1102 First Aid     
SPAN 1115  Elementa

MACU Courses

ENGL 1113 English Comp I
ENGL 1213 English Comp II
ENGL 2303 World. Lit
COMM 1103 Public Speak.
POLS 1103 National Gov
HIST 2103 American Hist I or HIST 2203 American Hist II
PSYC 1103 Intro to Psych.
MATH 1103 College Math
MATH 2303 Math for Teachers II
MATH 2203 Math for Teachers I
BIOL 2103 Environ. Science
BIOL 2101 Environ. Sci. Lab
BIOL 3404 Ecology W/LAB
BIOL 1114 Gen. Biology w/Lab
EDUC 3233 Probability & Stats Teachers
EDUC 3303 Dev. Across Life Span
UNVI 1121 First Year Evangel
BINT 3733 Life & Ministry of Jesus
BINT 3303 Romans