Discipleship in a Digital World

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The internet gives us the opportunity to spread the Word of God on a global scale, but evangelism, teaching, caring and discipleship require closing the digital loop to ensure multiplication. In this course led by Dr. Gary Kendall, students will learn how to move beyond a digital presence to build an authentic community. Students will be able to grow their online reach while deepening relationships at the same time.

When students complete this course, they will be equipped to:

  • Make disciples that reproduce in the digital space
  • Incorporate digital tools to create spiritual growth journeys
  • Care and support growees using digital tools and processes
  • Move and grow beyond physical and geographic limitations
  • Develop a plan to resource volunteers and staff to maximizing leadership

Discipleship in a Digital World is offered 100% online and lasts just 5 weeks! The cost is only $195 plus textbooks and shipping. A $100 scholarship for each course is available for qualified participants. 

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