The Symbols of Office

Presidential Medallion

The Official Presidential Medallion is cast in bronze. It combines the University seal with the title of the office, the founding date of the University, and the names of previous Presidents. It is designed to be worn on the shoulders over the academic gown. It will be worn by President Greenwald at all official academic convocations and commencements.

The Academic Mace

The MACU Academic Mace is borne by the Faculty Marshal at the head of the academic procession. It is a ceremonial staff, traditionally displayed as a symbol of authority. In colleges and universities, it is used to denote the official nature of ceremonial events. MACU’s mace is made of mahogany wood and topped with a golden seal. Four medals adorn the mace, representing Wisdom, Stature and Favor with God and Man, as is written in Luke 2:52.