Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are MACU’s admissions requirements?

A: First-time freshmen pursuing a traditional degree program out of high school must meet two out of the three following requirements:

  • 18 ACT/970 SAT
  • 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Top 50% of graduating class

Transfer students who have 24 or more credit hours post-high school do not have a minimum GPA requirement.

Admissions requirements for adult students vary by program and school. A full explanation of these requirements can be found in the catalog.

Q: When should high school seniors apply for college?

A: High schoolers can begin applying as early as the spring of their junior year. 


Q: Can I get help with my homework and essays?

A: Yes! Our traditional students have tutoring available on site in the Student Success Center located in Fozard Hall. Our adult students have access to free tutoring online through Upswing as well as our Online Writing Center.

Q: What happens if I fail a class?

A: Failing a class can impact your GPA, your financial eligibility, your university account and potentially your graduation date. Often, students who fail a course will be required to retake that course at a later time, especially if it is required for the degree.

But, failing a course does not have to become an end of the world scenario. If you are struggling in class, reach out! There is no shame in asking for help. MACU tutoring services, the Online Writing Center and university support staff are all here to help you be successful before a failing grade becomes a reality. If you aren’t sure where to go for help, give the Solution Center a call at 877-569-3198.

Q: How can I check my grades?

A: Grades are posted in your D2L classroom under “Assessments” then “Grades.” You may also view instructor feedback on your classroom “Dropbox” page. If you want to print out a grade report or see grades from your past courses, you may access your grades on the MACU Portal under “Student Services” then “Degree Progress.”

Q: What is concurrent enrollment?

A: Concurrent enrollment, also referred to as dual credit, is a way for high school juniors or seniors to earn college credit while in high school. Concurrent requirements can be found in the University catalog. Students wishing to take classes concurrently at MACU must have a 20 ACT or a 3.0 GPA to enroll and can only enroll up to 6 credit hours (unless approved through high school counselor and University Registrar). For more information about concurrent classes, please click here.

Q: Does MACU offer orientation sessions?

A: Yes! Our traditional students attend New Student Orientation at the beginning of each academic year. Our adult students have both online and on-campus orientations available every five weeks. Orientations will introduce students to important departments, services, technology, resources and community opportunities at MACU as well as inform them of important rules and regulations for students attending MACU.

Online Learning

Q: How do online classes work?

A: Our online courses range from 5-8 weeks in length depending on if you are an undergraduate or graduate student. Courses are generally scheduled back to back and one at a time. This allows our adult students to graduate in a reasonable timeframe while also allowing full-time employment. Students attend classes via an online system called Desire2Learn (D2L) where they may participate in discussions, submit assignments, complete quizzes or exams, and more. While each 7-day school week includes due dates and participation requirements, the adult student may complete those activities at a time of day that works for them, allowing for flexibility to your unique schedule.

Q: What technology do I need for online classes?

A: We recommend that online students have consistent reliable access to the internet and either a desktop or laptop computer. You may access some portions of the class content from a smartphone or tablet, but a desktop or laptop computer will offer you the best classroom experience and ensure that you can access all portions of your coursework. Microsoft Office 365 is necessary to complete your classwork and is also available for free to all MACU students. Some courses may require additional technology such as a webcam and microphone, but most modern laptops come with this feature built-in. If you have additional questions about technology, feel free to reach out to our Information Technology department at 405-703-8200.

Q: How do I get books and materials if I am an online student?

A: MACU uses Barnes and Noble College to supply all of our students with affordably-priced textbooks. With Barnes and Noble College, your textbook purchases are made 100% online. Using your personalized portal, you can browse new, used, and rental books. Some textbooks may even be offered in an e-book format. This gives you complete control of your book-buying experience. To learn more about navigating Barnes and Noble College, visit for a video guide to the system. If you have questions, contact the Solution Center at 877-569-3198 or [email protected].

Q: How can I access my MACU email?

A: Log in to OneLogin using your MACU credentials. Once you have accessed the OneLogin page, simply click on the “MACU Gmail” tile to access your student email account. You also have access to an email account within Desire2Learn (D2L) that is used for internal classroom communication with your instructor and classmates. You may access your D2L email by clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right corner of the D2L page.

Q: What happens if I move during my online degree program?

A: This is actually the biggest benefit of being an online student. You may attend from anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection! If you move, you just need to let us know of your new address for our records. Otherwise, you simply continue in classes as normal.


Q: How do I get my transcripts?

A: Official transcripts may be ordered online here. Students with account holds will be unable to order an official transcript until the hold is released. Please reach out to the Business Office to settle your account at 405-692-3294.


Q: Does MACU give athletic scholarships?

A: Yes, MACU offers athletic scholarships.

Q: How do I contact a coach?

A: Contacting a coach can be done by emailing the coach personally or by completing our MACU Athletics Recruiting Form

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