Master of Arts - Leadership, Transformational Leadership

Become a Successful Leader and Disciplemaker with a Transformational Leadership Degree

Successful ministers are successful leaders who can help head up their local church, nonprofit organization or missions to impact the world for Christ. 

When you add a Transformational Leadership emphasis to your Master of Arts in Leadership degree program, you amplify your focus on developing servant leadership skills for local church ministry. This degree may be the perfect fit for you if you studied Bible and theology in your Bachelor's degree program. 

Upon completion of the M.A. in Leadership with a Transformational Leadership emphasis program, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how to lead a church that nurtures the spiritual life of the congregation and that develops effective, meaningful relationships with its members. You will be able to help equip others for ministry, becoming an effective disciplemaker who helps fulfill The Great Commission. 


Why Choose MACU for a Master’s Degree in Leadership?

At Mid-America Christian University, we understand the importance of developing leaders who are equipped with a strong ethical foundation and practical knowledge so that they can serve in the public sector.

With our experience in adult and online education, we know how to do this without forcing someone to choose between devoting time to work and devoting time to school. Our six-week classes, whether on-campus or online, work around the schedule of a busy adult who divides time between a career, family and school.

In addition, our leadership professors are experienced in the field in which they are teaching, so students are guaranteed to complete the program with leadership strategies proven to be effective and knowledge that can immediately be applied in the workforce.

Careers Opportunities for Graduates of the M.A. in Leadership with a Transformational Leadership Emphasis Program

  • Chaplain
  • Church Administrator
  • Evangelist
  • Missionary
  • Pastor
  • Teacher

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