Your Career Choices Will Multiply with a Mathematics Degree


Mathematics is an essential piece of many well-known and highly sought-after career fields, such as engineering, accounting and computer science. A B.S. in Mathematics from MACU can lead you down any career path you'd like to pursue. Our accredited program provides a comprehensive understanding of the nature of mathematics and its relation to the sciences, philosophy and other liberal arts.

In addition to general education and Bible coursework, course topics include geometry, calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, statistics, differential equations and mathematical modeling to provide a foundation on which graduates may begin a career in teaching, applied mathematics and research or pursue graduate studies.

What Will You Learn in Our Mathematics Degree Program?

Our Mathematics curriculum is structured to follow industry trends, ensuring your degree is relevant in today's ever-changing marketplace. Graduates of our Mathematics program will be equipped to enter the job field or pursue graduate studies with a firm understanding of how to use calculus, statistics and analytical methods to investigate and solve problems; how to assess and evalute problems by using critical thinking skills; how to formulate mathematical models; how to communicate mathematics verbally and in writing; how to use qualitative and quantitative methods; and how to solve problems and analyze complex issues using a mathematical basis.

With a Mathematics degree from MACU, you will be able to pursue a degree in many different job fields, including: 

  • Actuary
  • Cryptographer
  • Economist
  • Financial Planner
  • Mathematician
  • Statistician 

Why Choose MACU?

With regionally accredited programs, affordable tuition and convenient payment options, MACU desires to make a quality education possible for every student who wants to learn. You'll find that Christian isn't just a word in our name — it's truly a part of who we are. All of our courses are built on biblical principles, no matter if you major in Mathematics or Ministry. Our small class sizes mean you will truly become part of the MACU family and gain a one-on-one relationship with your professor. We have a vibrant, growing campus community where you will grow along with your peers as you worship together in weekly chapel services and take part in campus activities such as clubs, small groups, sports games and other events. 

Course List

Mathematics Core
MATH 2114 Calculus I and Analytic Geometry
MATH 2214 Calculus II
MATH 2313 Calculus III
MATH 3103 Linear Algebra
MATH 3403 Discrete Math
MATH 3703 Introduction to Statistics
MATH 4113 Mathematical Modeling
MATH 4203 Mathematical Statistics
MISE 4103 Programming Concepts

Mathematics Theory Application
MATH 1303 Plane Trigonometry
MATH 3303 History of Math
MATH 4003 College Geometry I
MATH 4013 Differential Equations
MATH 4103 Abstract Algebra
MATH 4303 College Geometry II
PHYS 1134 General Physics I (with Lab) or
PHYS 2104 Physics I (with Lab)

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