International Business Certificate

Cultivate Global Marketplaces with an International Business Certificate

This 18-hour certificate program exposes students to advanced concepts specific to International Business providing a valuable credential demonstrating graduate-level training in the discipline. The Certificate may be earned as part of an Master of Business Administration (MBA) or full Master’s Degree program, or used at a later date to satisfy many of the requirements of a full graduate degree in the selected discipline.

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in the International Business Certificate program.

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Certificate Requirements

COMM 5103

Advanced Professional Communication and Leadership Practicum

Advanced Professional Communication Leadership will provide a dynamic range of oral, written, and digital communication opportunities that will enhance student experience through diverse presentation methods. The course will posit opportunities for students to employ concepts, strategies, and content selected from individual
areas of interest and adapt these labors into public and/or digital performances that demonstrate applied skills across multiple modalities.

MGMT 5113

Organizational Behavior

This course introduces the theories of behavior in human management. A critical analysis is performed on the contributions to the organizational behavior discipline and its research as applied to the business environment. The student will apply the theories of its research as applied to the business environment. The student will apply the theories of culture development, time management, job design, change, motivation, leadership development, communication, small group dynamics, and negotiation in the business setting

ECON 5233

International Economics

This reviews the determinants of aggregate output, employment, wages, unemployment, consumption, investment, international trade flows, interest rates, exchange rates, prices and inflation in open economies;
sources and nature of economic growth; effects of domestic and foreign monetary and fiscal policies; effects of trade and exchange rate policies.

MGMT 6403

International Business Law

This course introduces students to the central concepts of comparative legal systems and to major contemporary political economic trends that are reshaping the context in which private international transactions are conducted in North America, Europe, East Asia, and other countries.

MGMT 6443

International Business Strategies

This course focuses on strategic frameworks and skills that are critical to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Topics include the content of an economic environment, and the cultural, ethical and legal issues that arise when conducting business internationally. Students will learn how companies enter foreign markets and grow international subsidiaries, succeed in mergers and acquisitions, and cooperate in joint ventures and
strategic alliances.

COMM 5113

Global Marketing and Strategic Networking

Global Marketing and Strategic Networking will expand knowledge and familiarity with cross-cultural, digital, and global marketing trends. Students will connect with and hear from international voices. Ultimately, the course’s educational journey embraces experiential learning as a mechanism to broaden knowledge of contemporary
transnational practices and perspectives.

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