Five Tips to Make You a Pro at Online Classes

For many students, online classes have become the new normal. Even if you didn’t set out to become an online student, chances are you are now or will be if you enroll in school soon.

If you’re not already familiar with the way online classes work, the prospect of earning a degree online might seem overwhelming. There are some steps you can take to ensure your time as an online student is successful and we’re here to share them with you.

1. Log In Regularly

It might sound tempting to just log in whenever you have assignments due, but try to log into your digital learning environment at least a few times a week. Your instructor may have something come up that requires them to change the schedule, or they may share an opportunity for extra credit or a helpful resource. No matter if the change is good or bad, logging in often will keep you from being too surprised!

2. Devote Time to Your Studies

One great thing about online classes is that they can fit into any schedule. But because there is no specific class time, it can be really tempting to put your schoolwork off and do something else in its place.

Setting a specific time and schedule for your coursework will help you keep track and engaged in your classes. Use your phone calendar or a planner to set aside dedicated time to your studies.

3. Ask For Help

Since there isn’t a set class time, you can’t come into the classroom early or stay behind to ask your professor questions. Instead, reach out to your instructors through email or a messaging feature if your digital learning platform offers one. Some instructors may even offer appointments by phone or video chat.

4. Connect With Other Students

You aren’t the only student in the class (even if it feels that way sometimes). Make an effort to introduce yourself to your classmates and share your struggles with them. You may even create a Google Hangout study group or discussion thread that allows you and your peers to get support, help, and to build lasting relationships that could provide valuable networking opportunities.

5. Use Technology

There are many free online resources out there that can make your educational experience an even better one. If you are struggling with a certain topic, try checking out resources like Khan Academy, which provides free videos on math, science, history, English, and more.

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