Housing FAQ’s

Housing FAQ

We prefer the term divided housing.  Each floor is single gender and we have complete access control, including in the stairwells and elevator that is coded to the particular student. Therefore, students will only have access to the appropriate floor within the hall. The building as a whole has more safety features which also allow us to have increased ability to keep the living spaces separate when it comes to gender.

You sure can.  Just contact the Office of Student Life at (405) 692-3242 or [email protected] to change your roommate request.  In order for your request to be honored, your anticipated roommate will need to make the request as well.

Absolutely!  Just indicate that preference on your Housing Form.  In order for your request to be honored, your anticipated roommate will need to make the request as well.  You may also indicate your preference in suitemates (who you will share a bathroom with).

Absolutely!  While we do believe new students will have a more enjoyable experience rooming with other new students, we realize that there are often times outside circumstances that make it much more appealing to live with an upperclassmen student.  In order to be placed with an incoming student, just indicate so on the Housing Form.   To be considered, the current student will need to make the same request.

All new students will need to fill out the New Student Housing Form.  Housing requests are honored in the order in which they are received (and the student is enrolled).  Students will also need to complete the Health Form and provide Immunization records before they can move into the residence halls.

If two students request one another, we will house them together.  Just make sure you each request the other, and you’ll be roommates!

New students are housed based on the date of submission of their Housing Form as well as payment of the housing deposit (and must be enrolled in classes). In other words, early bird gets the worm!  When two students are paired together as roommates, we will use the earliest submission date of the two.

Don’t worry!  We’ve got it all under control.  We will use the questions on your Housing Form to give you the best match possible!  For this reason, it’s very important to be honest on the form.

If you need special housing accommodations, please contact our Dean of Student Success, Morgan Thompson at (405) 692-3259 or [email protected].

If a student wants to commute next year AND qualifies based on one of the exemptions below, please have the student fill out the Commuter Form.

Residency Requirement Exemptions:

  • The student is married
  • The student is under 17 years old
  • The student is at least 22 years old
  • The student is enrolled in less than 9 credit hours
  • The student will be a graduating senior in the current academic year
  • The student is living at the full-time residence of a parent/guardian within 40 miles of the University (requires an Off-Campus Affidavit to be signed by both the student and a parent/guardian.  This affidavit needs to be notarized or signed in the presence of a University employee.)

Please see the Financial Aid page for up-to-date information.

There are two options in our halls. Premium Suites are two double-occupancy rooms connected by a bathroom. Our Grand Suites have a similar layout but also include a common living area which connects both rooms. Every room includes a sink, mini fridge and microwave.  The rooms are fully equipped with wireless internet and cable.

We’ll wait until July to begin this process in order to let as many Housing Forms to pool as possible. We do this so that there are an optimum number of students and we can find a great match for you! By mid-July, you will be notified by email and postcard where you can find your new housing assignment!