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Resources for Parents and Families at Home

As the world adapts to a new normal, families across the United State are attempting to balance working from home with still providing an education to their children. Schools and businesses across the country are closed in efforts to combat the COVID-19 virus, leaving millions of school-age children without their normal schoolwork — and many of their parents adjusting to carrying out their own work at home.

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2020: Still a Year for Clarity

2020 started as a year of optimism, clarity and vision. The stock market was bullish, unemployment was low, and hosting a get-together with friends or family was easy. Now, however, we are three months into this new year and it seems already to be a different, less opportunistic world.

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Ramblings of a Nerdy Math Professor: Be a Newton

Since MACU has moved all of its classes online, that means professors like me will be teaching virtually for the remainder of the semester. I teach math!!! You know, that wonderful discipline that everyone either loves or hates (no in-between).

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MACU Alum Reaches Thousands as Corporate Chaplain

When Rev. Larry Speelman enrolled at Gulf Coast Bible College in 1984, he didn’t fit the typical profile of a college student — but then again, Speelman’s life and ministry has been anything but ordinary.

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MACU Announces New Partnership with Barnes and Noble College

MACU's bookstore is undergoing a transition. Beginning March 1, MACU will begin a new partnership with Barnes and Noble College. Barnes and Noble College, a subsidiary of the popular bookstore chain, is a leading operator of college bookstores in the U.S. MACU students have a lot to look forward to with Barnes and Noble College as the new campus textbook provider, including:

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MACU Offers Affordable, Accredited Certificate Programs

Whether an individual is looking to stay current in their job field or make themselves stand out among others vying for a coveted position, certificate programs make for an attractive option, said MACU College of Adult and Graduate Studies Dean Dr. J. Hall. “The value of certificates is that they point towards specific kinds of career or skill demonstration,” Hall said. “There are many folks out there who already have a graduate degree, but it’s more generalized and they’re looking to bolster it with more specific work.”

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Degrees to Help You Work From Home

Now more than ever, we’re seeing that technology isn’t a luxury — it’s an essential part of life. A growing number of jobs are being moved online to accommodate changing times, but there are some sectors that have been proven to support work-from-home jobs.

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Concurrent Classes Offer Affordable Option for High Schoolers

Almost 70 percent of young adults who go to college take out student loans to pay for college. The number of college students graduating with significant debt is staggering — a recent report by the U.S. Federal Reserve showed that most students graduate already more than $30,000 in debt.

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