Bachelor of Science in Communication, Media and Ethics

Stay Ahead of the Trends with a Communication, Media and Ethics Degree from MACU

Communication is everywhere — but strong, efficient communication skills are hard to come by. According to the National Association of College and Employers’ Job Outlook 2016, the most important candidate quality is effective verbal communication.

Whether you are interacting with vendors, upper management, the public or the media, dynamic communication skills are crucial to success in many career fields.

The B.S. in Communication, Media and Ethics equips students with the necessary tools of online engagement in an increasingly digital personal and professional world. Through a three-tiered program that is divided into media studies, public relations and social media, students will come to appreciate the overlapping and even contradictory procedures and practices that go into media production and consumption. This is the framework that ultimately creates culture and its social persuasion on societies.

Courses examine aspects of media in theory and practice, digital media literacy, communication practices and principles applicable to spreadable media and convergence cultures. A digital portfolio is compiled through the life of the degree program, which will help develop students’ virtual footprint in a healthy and ethical way.

Why Choose a Communication, Media and Ethics degree from MACU?

Students will practice media criticism and technical writing and improve critical thinking through writing and processing information. Real-world professionals working in various communications fields will interact with students through in-class and video discussions. Graduates from MACU’s Communication, Media and Ethics degree program will develop proficient digital media literacy and strong oral, written and digital skills. Passive media consumers will shift to become active content creators.

For students who are undecided on their field of study, the Communication, Media and Ethics degree is a popular choice because effective communication is integral to any workplace. The MACU difference means students will feel like they’re part of the family and that they truly know their instructors and classmates, even in an online setting. Our dedication to Christ is apparent in all of our degree programs, with biblical principles woven into lessons. Your instructors are available for you in-person and through email or video chat.

There are many challenging, exciting and rewarding career opportunities for graduates of Mid-America Christian University’s accredited Communication, Media and Ethics degree program. In fact, “strong communication skills” are consistently ranked as one of the top desires among contemporary employers.

Through mastery of social media management and digital writing, students will be prepared to write for and communicate across platforms such as traditional print, websites, blogs, journals, web hosting, podcasts and social media.

Career Opportunities Available to Communications Professionals

  • Advertising creative
  • Brand manager
  • Communication strategist
  • Content creator
  • Digital journalist
  • Digital storyteller
  • Government official
  • Higher education staff member
  • Marketing specialist
  • Podcaster
  • Print journalist
  • Public relations specialist
  • Social media content manager
  • Speech writer
  • Technical writer
  • Webcaster

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