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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

A Master of Business Administration does more than help one qualify for better jobs and a higher salary—it demonstrates a commitment to doing business better.

At Mid-America Christian University, we know that better business means focusing on global problem-solving in practical ways. With the aim of creating effective and ethical business leaders, the MBA program addresses the gap between academic business and real-world business by exposing students to more authentic practices and less hypothetical methodology.

In order to send hands-on leaders into the world, courses in the Master of Business Administration program highlight discussion of relevant current events so students can examine contemporary issues in the world of business with active business professionals. Every course keeps students in the loop by featuring live content such as feeds from Fortune, CBNC and Inc. as well as Twitter feeds from prominent voices in the business world.

In addition, students engage with real-life case studies developed by faculty, regional business leaders, and advisory council members. Consistent interaction with active business professionals allows students to learn the specialized language of the business world and participate in the action before they even complete the program.

What Sets MACU’s MBA Program Apart?

Graduates of the Master of Business Administration program receive an award-winning degree, as Mid-America’s MBA program was voted Oklahoma’s top Christian MBA program by The Journal Record’s 2017 Reader Rankings.

We are experienced in adult education, whether it is on-campus or online, so our MBA program is tailored to fit the needs of individuals who may be juggling school, work and family. Each six-week class follows a consistent format, so students know what to expect from course to course.

Every instructor is actively involved in business or has substantial experience in business, guaranteeing students that their expertise goes beyond academia. The instructors are dedicated to focusing on practical formats, such those of legal briefs, bids, executive summaries and white papers, rather than exclusively using textbooks, generating students equipped to tackle the realities of the business world.

In addition, the Master of Business Administration gives students the opportunity to dig more deeply into the subjects of their interest and differentiate their resumes by offering five emphases:


Oklahoma City, OK - Master's Business Administration

What Positions are Available with a Master’s in Business Administration?

  • Business Owner
  • Upper-Level Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Nonprofit Director
  • Investment Banker
  • Data Analyst
Oklahoma City, OK - Master's in Business Admin & Ethics

Course List

ACCN 5133 Managerial Accounting
ECON 5223 Managerial Economics in a Globalized Environment
FINC 5333 Modern Corporate Finance
MGMT 5113 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 5323 Human Resource Management
MGMT 5413 Legal Environment and Ethics
MGMT 5233 Marketing Analysis and Strategy, Sales and Consumer Behavior
COMM 5103 Advanced Professional Communication and Leadership Practicum
MGMT 6313 Management Science/Operations Management
MGMT 6423 Strategic Business Management

Choose six (6) additional hours from the list below to complete a general MBA degree:

MGMT 6433 Exec. Seminar Series: International Business
MGMT 6443 International Business Strategies
COMM 5113 Global Marketing and Strategic Networking

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