Master of Business Administration – Health Care Management Emphasis

An Affordable Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration Can Get You the Job You Want

The demand for health care administrators is skyrocketing, and MACU is committed to preparing effective leaders to fill these positions. The Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Health Care Management program prepares students to make an impact in the medical world by providing them with a skill set in general business as well as specialized knowledge pertaining to health care management.

The program emphasizes the strategic implementation of ideas and processes so that students graduate ready to apply what they’ve learned. Upon completion of the program, students will be equipped to take on roles of leadership, execute plans for quality improvement and enhance processes and programs in a hospital.

In the MBA with an emphasis in Health Care Management program, students will build on their broad knowledge of business practices gained in core MBA classes by taking courses that focus on business in the sphere of health care, such as human resource development and management, legal and regulatory issues, finance, information management, technology and operations management.

As students accumulate specialized knowledge, they will expand their understanding by discussing material and sharing experiences with peers. In addition, each assignment in the program includes a spiritual dimension, reflecting the program’s dedication to developing students holistically.

Why Choose MACU for a Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Health Care Management?

Graduates receive a degree from the program named Oklahoma’s top Christian MBA program by the Journal Record’s 2017 Reader Rankings.

Our six-week classes are developed to fit into the schedule of a working adult so that students do not have to sacrifice excellence in their current careers in order to further their educations.

The distinctiveness of MACU’s health care administration program does not stop at flexibility – the program also boasts a Christian perspective that many programs at other schools do not. Instructors teach strategies based on the virtues and character of Christ, producing health care professionals who always operate both effectively and ethically.

Oklahoma - Master's in Health Care Management

Career Opportunities in Health Care Institutions

  • Finance Manager
  • Administrator
  • Clinic Manager
  • Human Resources Development Manager
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Nurse Manager (if individual is already a nurse)
Master's in Health Care Administration

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