Master of Business Administration – International Business Emphasis

Think Globally by Earning an MBA with an Emphasis in International Business

Today, many businesses thrive by crossing borders. Even small companies are able to compete with companies around the world due to the internet.

Our Master of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business addresses today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business climate by preparing businesspeople to effectively conduct business internationally or with partners who operate outside of the country. The program emphasizes the practical application of business knowledge so that students complete the degree prepared to tackle business anywhere in the world.

In addition to imparting general principles of business, the degree program instills in students a deep understanding of global marketing, multicultural communications, international business law and international economics. Students stay up-to-date with current business trends around the world with courses that feature live content from entities such as Fortune and CBNC.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to speak with current business professionals about relevant events across the globe, giving students the chance to learn the specialized language and conventions necessary in effectively conducting business.

Why Choose MACU’s Master's Degree in International Business?

Mid-America’s MBA program was voted Oklahoma’s top Christian MBA program by The Journal Record’s 2017 Reader Rankings, so when students graduate, they walk away with an award-winning business degree.

Our six-week classes are offered on-campus and online, so they are perfect for students who are juggling school, family and work. Also, every instructor is experienced in his or her field of study, ensuring that students learn practical knowledge proven to be successful in real-world business.

When students choose the MBA with an emphasis in International Business program, they make the choice to distinguish themselves from other job candidates and gain an arsenal of indispensable skills in both general and international business.

Master's in International Business - Oklahoma City

Career Options for Graduates with an International Business Degree

  • Marketing Director
  • Government Affairs Director
  • Real Estate Development Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Chief Executive Officer
Master's in International Business - Oklahoma City

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