Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education

Career Opportunities in Secondary Ed

  • High School Teacher
  • Coach/Mentor
  • Online Educator
  • Content Creator
  • Tutor
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Training Specialist
  • Education Consultant
  • Grant Writer
  • Textbook Consultant/Writer

Teach Success with a Secondary Education Degree That Changes Lives

As a secondary education major who’s trained to teach English, math or social studies, you are on track to becoming one of the most important people in a high schooler’s life. Strong language skills are an essential component of success in a world flooded with hyper-speed communication. Strong math skills are required in a wide range of occupations, from business to medicine. And a solid base of social studies moves students forward in life with a better understanding of where we’ve been and where we are headed as a society. College acceptance and success depend on these skills, as do jobs at almost any level. Plus, high school teachers are in high demand. Estimated job growth during the next decade is expected to be 8%.

At MACU, the Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education aligns with the Specialized Professional Associations (SPA) standards, giving you the skills and knowledge you need to become a high school teacher at either public or private schools. The B.A. in Secondary Mathematics Education aligns with the rigorous standards set forth by the National Council of Teachers and Mathematics (NCTM), and rigorous standards set forth by the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) are built into the curriculum for the B.A. in Secondary Social Studies Education degree program.

Initial coursework includes the psychological components of teaching, as well as education theory and instructional technology and strategy. Before earning your Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education degree, you’ll have the opportunity to complete 110 hours of on ground field experience in a variety of schools that will provide observation and interaction with a variety of diverse students prior to their student teaching.

Mid-America Christian University (MACU), a Bible-based university, is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). Our School of Teacher Education is accredited through Oklahoma’s Office of Educational Quality and Accountability using Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) standards.

Students who complete their teacher education degree and teach in Oklahoma public schools can earn up to $25,500 through Inspired to Teach, an Oklahoma future teacher scholarship and employment incentive program. Learn more at

Choose Between English, Mathematics, or Social Studies Concentrations

The secondary English education major covers the expected language courses of American, British, and world literature; composition; and creative writing. Courses you may not expect include Language and Popular Culture and Ethnic American Literature. The Bachelor of Secondary Education in Mathematics covers all secondary math methods, including calculus, algebra, statistics, and the history of math. The Bachelor of Secondary Education in Social Studies includes social studies teaching methods, world geography, U.S. history, American and Oklahoma history, macroeconomics, state and local government, historiography/research, cultural anthropology, and social psychology. All three programs take a hands-on approach so that you graduate with the experience you need to step into your role as secondary level educator.

BA in Secondary Education: Complete Your Education in a Supportive Learning Environment

MACU campus life lends itself naturally to new relationships as you study among people who share your beliefs. There are plenty of activities to try, groups and clubs to join, and an exciting and welcoming city to explore—complete with dining, shopping, and entertainment districts, and year-round fun.  

The staff and instructors at MACU are there for you, treating you as an individual, not as a number. Additional benefits of an on-campus degree at MACU:

  • Small, safe, and secure campus
  • Affordable degree programs, which are efficiently planned for your success
  • Low student-to-instructor ratio
  • Christ-centered student body, with an abundance of planned social activities
  • Experience living in the heart of Oklahoma City

MACU Secondary Education Majors Become High School Teachers Who Are Christian Role Models

MACU’s Christ-centered education can be the launch pad for a teaching career that changes the lives of your future students. Let them learn not only better language or math skills to further their higher education and career goals, but from your good example, as well.

Our degree programs are rooted in biblical values and led by caring professors who weave the word and the love of God into all of our classes. Students build on their faith by attending chapel services and participating in other faith-based activities. 

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Major Courses

EDUC 2101 

MACU Teacher Education Orientation 

This course is intended to introduce teacher candidates to the requirements for state certification set forth by the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation (OCTP). Teacher candidates will also be introduced and learn the Global Vision Conceptual Framework and other MACU education requirements. Before being accepted into the School of Teacher Education, all students are required to pass this course. Prerequisite: Completed 21 hours of general education. Co-requisite: EDUC 2102. Offered every semester.

EDUC 2102 

Educational Foundations 

This course is intended to introduce teacher candidates to the field of education. Historical, philosophical, sociological, and curricular foundations of American education; current issues of multicultural education, governance, and support of American education; and legal issues will be explored. Corequisite: EDUC 2101. Offered every semester.

EDUC 4203  

Instructional Strategies, Mgmt., and Assessment I  

This course provides practice in the educational theories of effective instructional strategies, classroom management, and a variety of assessments, especially alternative and authentic assessments; and the involvement of parents/caregivers and the community in the learning process. Offered every spring semester.

EDUC 4213  

Instructional Strategies, Mgmt., and Assessment II  

This course further develops the knowledge base ad skills from EDUC 4203 Instructional Strategies, Management, and Assessment I. Prerequisite: EDUC 4203. Offered every fall semester.

EDUC 3103  

Educational Psychology 

This course includes basic and current learning theories, psychological principles applied to learning, and classroom management and assessment. Twenty-five (25) hours of field experience is required. Prerequisite: PSYC 1103. Offered every spring semester.

EDUC 3233  

Probability and Statistics for Teachers  

The study of rational numbers, decimal notations, real numbers, probability, and statistics. Collection, recording, and data analysis to enable data-based decisions will also be explored.

EDUC 3303 

Development Across the Life Span  

This course is a study of human development and the nature of those social structures which impact it, especially social, emotional, physical and cognitive aspects of human development throughout the life span. Prerequisite: PSYC 1103.

EDUC 4223 

Students with Exceptionalities  

This course is an introduction to the characteristics, needs, problems, and behavior patterns of exceptional children; and the various educational approaches used with them. Topics central to special education today – inclusion, diversity, assistive technology, collaboration, and multidisciplinary teams, will all be studied. The intellectual, physical, emotional, and behaviorally handicapped children will be studied, as well as gifted children and handicapped adults. Ten (10) hours of field experiences in special education and gifted classes will be required. Offered every fall semester.

EDUC 4909  

Student Teaching  

This course gives the student teacher firsthand experience in the school setting through observation/teaching in an accredited school. He or she will spend sixteen weeks in this course with fourteen weeks in the actual classroom under the supervision of both a cooperating teacher at a cooperating public school and the university supervisor. A teacher work sample and video tapes will be completed. Prerequisite: completion of classes in specialization and professional education. Offered every semester.

After completing major requirements, Secondary Education majors will choose an area of specialization in Social Studies, Math, or English. Please refer to the MACU Catalog to review degree requirements for each specialization.

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