TEL Education

As a regionally accredited university, Mid-America Christian University is proud to announce our strategic partnership with TEL Education. Through this collaboration, students now have the opportunity to enroll in carefully curated online courses supported by TEL Education. These courses are designed to seamlessly integrate into our degree programs at Mid-America Christian University, allowing students to earn credits that can be applied towards their degree. Additionally, these credits are transferable, providing students with the flexibility to carry their academic achievements forward, whether they choose to continue their studies at our university or transfer to another college or university. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing diverse and accessible educational opportunities while maintaining the high academic standards for which Mid-America Christian University is known.

Even though the course is asynchronous so you can work through the course on your schedule (2-week minimum or 6-month maximum), the experienced instructors are active participants in your learning. They will hold regular office hours and make themselves available for any questions on the material. TEL also has a Support Team that is available 8am to 5pm CST Monday thru Friday to assist w/ any questions that you have about the platform or processes. TEL also provides on-demand tutoring for students via Skooli.

Step 1: Review the course catalog at TEL Education/MACU Shop

Learn more about the objectives for each course and review what will be expected from each student. These are college courses and require college work. The courses are self-paced, and students who enroll in a course have up to six months to complete it. All courses are asynchronous, with no specific meeting times.

Step 2: Apply, Pay, & Register for your courses at TEL Education/MACU Shop

We have meticulously assessed the partnership to ensure its alignment with the rigorous standards by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Our thorough review encompasses scrutiny of instructional time and instructor qualifications. This commitment to quality assurance ensures that the partnership not only meets but exceeds the HLC standards, providing students with a robust and accredited educational experience. At Mid-America Christian University, we prioritize excellence in education, and our partnership with TEL Education reflects this dedication to maintaining the highest instructional and academic standards endorsed by the HLC. You can see a complete list and term schedule at TEL Education/MACU Shop. After selecting the course, add the course to your cart. The courses are $75 per credit hour, $225 for a three-hour course, and $300 for a four-hour course. The course price is all-inclusive.

Step 3: Complete the Course

Each course contains 60 to 70 lessons and combines written material, videos, and quizzes to help students understand the material. The mastery assignments for each course are designed to help students do more than repeat the material. They help students analyze, break it down, and apply it to other situations. 

Students will not receive credit for courses that are completed faster than the time frames below:

  • 1 course = 2 weeks from the date of enrollment
  • 2 courses = 4 weeks from the date of enrollment
  • 3 courses = 6 weeks from the date of enrollment

Step 4: Request a Transcript

  • Once students complete the course, they must complete the Final Grade Request Form. The TEL Education support team will send the final grade to the registrar’s office.
  • To order an official transcript(s) in electronic (PDF) or printed format, log in to Parchment.
  • Parchment’s website lists step-by-step instructions to place orders, including delivery options and fees.  
  • All major credit cards are accepted as payment. Credit cards are only charged after the order has been completed. Processing fees are charged per transcript recipient.
  • There is no limit on the number of transcripts that can be ordered.
  • Electronic (PDF) transcripts are sent the same day they are ordered unless there are impending holds/record-matching delays.
  • Email updates are provided for each order placed through Parchment.  
  • Users can also track transcript orders online with a Parchment account or the Document ID.
  • Email confirmation is sent at the time the request is made. Another email will be sent when the transcript is processed.

For questions or more information, please contact Lori Elder, Student Support Specialist, at (866) 714-9907.