Advance Your Career with a Master’s Degree in Leadership

M.A. in Leadership

Every workplace needs transformative, visionary leaders. MACU’s Master of Leadership program addresses this need by preparing students to lead in their fields of work with a deep understanding of theoretical foundations and applicable knowledge.

The degree is ideal for many individuals, from workers with technical skills who wish to transition into positions of management to individuals who are already in positions of leadership but desire to polish their expertise. No matter their background, students complete the program equipped with the skills they need to advance in their careers and increase their impacts.

The Master of Arts in Leadership program prepares students to lead in any work place through courses that focus on topics such as organizational culture, training, leadership theory and project management. In order to prepare students to manage the changes that accompany the constant expansion of technology and social media, the program emphasizes strategies of leading change.

Additionally, students in the M.A. in Leadership program will cultivate their skills in communication and teamwork. Individuals will graduate the program as leaders equipped to manage others, identify and offer solutions to problems and initiate positive change in any setting.

MACU's M.A. in Leadership is also available 100% in Spanish! ¡La Maestría en Liderazgo de MACU también está disponible 100% en español! Click here to learn more. 

Why MACU is Your Choice for a Master of Arts in Leadership

At Mid-America Christian University, we understand the need for flexibility when one is earning a degree while working full-time. Our six-week classes, whether on-campus or online, are designed to work around the schedule of a busy adult who is committed to advancing his or her career.  In addition to flexibility, the MA in Leadership offers an ethics component, which is a feature unique to MACU. 

To further differentiate their educational experience, students can gain expertise in specific fields of leadership by choosing one of the four available concentrations:

  • Business Management
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Ministry Leadership
Master's in Leadership Online - Oklahoma

What You Can Do with a Master’s in Leadership

  • Supervisor
  • Corporate Trainer 
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Management Consultant
Master's in Leadership - Oklahoma

Course List

MGMT 5113 Organizational Behavior
COMM 5103 Advanced Professional Communication and
Leadership Practicum
ML 5143 Leadership Theory and Practice
ML 5163 Training and Development
ML 5243 Leading Change
ML 6023 Integrative Leadership Project

Additional Degree Requirements (12 hours)

ML 5263 The Adult Learner
ML 5273 Nonprofit Leadership
ML 5343 Financial Development and Resource Management
ML 5353 Decision Making

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