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English: Literary and Cultural Studies

The B.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies focuses on American, English and world literature, and literary criticism. It also includes specialized literature and upper division courses in writing. This synthesis of courses build your knowledge of world literature, its impact on the development of culture and its reflection of cultural values. You'll also gain effective research, writing and communication skills, positioning you for success in the global marketplace. 


What Will You Learn in Our English and Cultural Studies Degree Program?

In the course of your diverse degree, you will learn everything from the history of the English language, study famous writers, establish a firm foundation of modern grammar and writing form, and sharpen your evaluation and critique skills. The job opportunities for an English studies graduate are as exciting and varied as the types of literature you will learn from in your courses, and include: 

  • Blogger
  • Editor
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher
  • Grant Writer
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Professional Writer
  • Public Relations Specialist 
  • Social Media Manager
  • Technical Writer

Why Choose MACU?

From our accredited programs to our cost-effective programs and flexible payment plans, MACU is dedicated to making a high quality education possible for everyone. With Christ at the center of all of our courses, we proudly weave practical Christian principles into all of our classes. Combined with our small class sizes, caring professors and staff members, vibrant student life and opportunities for both commuters and resident students to get involved, we proudly offer a truly unique student experience. 

Course List

ENGL 2103 British Literature Survey I
ENGL 2203 British Literature Survey II
ENGL 2403 World Literature Survey: The Renaissance to the Modern Era
ENGL 2503 American Literature Survey: Before 1865
ENGL 2603 American Literature Survey: Since 1865
ENGL 3503 Advanced Composition
ENGL 3513 Major Figures OR
ENGL 4353 The Apologetics of C.S. Lewis
ENGL 3703 Creative Writing
ENGL 4203 Modern Grammar
ENGL 4303 Shakespeare
ENGL 4533 Critical Approaches to Literature
ENGL 4143 Women in Literature
ENGL 4503 History of the English Language

Literary and Cultural Studies (33 Hrs.)
ENGL 3713 Ethnic American Literature
ENGL 3733 Native American Literature
ENGL 3923 Cultural Theory and Popular Culture
ENGL 4543 Language and Popular Culture

Literary and Cultural Studies Electives
Choose (21) hours from the following literature and cultural courses:
ENGL 3523 Special Topics
ENGL 3543 Studies in Poetry
ENGL 3723 Nobel Prize Winning Authors
ENGL 4333 The Fiction Works of C.S. Lewis
ENGL 4353 The Apologetics of C.S. Lewis
ENGL 4523 Young Adult Literature
ENGL 4653 Capstone Research
ENGL 4803 Form and Genre in Literature
ENGL 4993 Honor Studies
HUMN 2113 The African American Experience
HUMN 3303 World Religions in America
HUMN 4413 The Hispanic-American Experience
HUMN 4613 Hist/Lit of the Native American Southwest
MISS 3403 Cross Cultural Communications
SOCI 3023 World Religion and Heretical Move.
SOCI 4203 The Ethnicity in America
SOCI 2243 Intro to Cultural Anthropology

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