Bachelor of Science, Ministry Leadership

Bachelor of Science, Ministry Leadership

Ministry Leadership Career Opportunities

  • Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Church Staff Member
  • Campus Minister
  • Children’s Minister
  • Christian Camp Director
  • Nonprofit Staff Member
  • Missionary
  • Chaplain

MACU Offers Christian Degrees to Grow Your Faith & Impact the World

Make an undergraduate degree in ministry leadership from Mid-America Christian University (MACU) your first step toward changing the world locally and globally for Christ. Available on our Oklahoma City campus, this well-rounded degree program prepares you to communicate, lead, care, and think biblically and theologically as you enter into entry-level ministry positions. You’ll also develop skills in education, advocacy, counseling, cross-cultural understanding, public speaking, and conflict resolution, which will can help you succeed in a broad range of occupations. Program graduates often fulfill various roles within church ministry and nonprofit or parachurch organizations as a pastor, teacher, leader, or administrator.

As a unique feature of MACU’s ministry studies, this degree can be taken as a multi-disciplinary program with one of our other programs. It’s also the ideal steppingstone for graduate studies in ministry, Bible and theology, and other related programs.

In addition to the foundational Bible and theology courses, other classes in our church ministry degree address Christian formation, evangelism, discipleship, worship, homiletics, youth ministry, church administration, pastoral care, inductive Bible study methodology, Church of God (Anderson, Ind.) and Wesleyan theology, nonprofit and American church law, and experiential learning opportunities.

Four Optional Concentrations for Ministry Leadership Degree

Ministry leadership majors have the option of adding a concentration to their studies. Ask an advisor for more details about:

Children’s Ministry Concentration

A strong foundation of spirituality is essential for children as they begin to know Christ in their daily life and grow in their faith. With MACU’s children’s ministry concentration, you’ll be prepared with the skills and knowledge to reach and serve the youngest members of God’s family. This concentration is a good fit for students who want to inspire and engage with children in roles such as children’s pastor, director of children’s ministry or children’s ministry coordinator.

Christian Worship Concentration

For Christians, worship is an essential part of faith and practice. While worship can and should happen both inside and outside church buildings, MACU’s Christian worship concentration provides the training you’ll need to lead a structured music ministry. Classes include a study of the Psalms and other poetic literature, hymnology, and other pertinent topics, as well as an internship.

Pastoral Care Concentration

MACU’s Pastoral Care Concentration goes beyond evangelic leadership, teaching you how to help others with their day-to-day struggles. You can be the guiding light they need to walk through life’s challenges. With an emphasis in pastoral care, you will explore topics including professional conduct, Stephen ministry and expanded courses on ethics. 

Youth Ministry Concentration

Today’s young people crave leadership now more than ever. They struggle with the morals of societal norms as they look for, and often don’t find mentors to help them navigate the dangerous waters of adolescence. With a B.S. in Ministry Leadership with a Youth Ministry concentration from MACU, you will be equipped to lead, advise and shape youth in a nurturing Christian environment. Graduates may fulfill various roles as a youth worker, youth pastor, ministry administrator, a nonprofit worker, or a member of domestic or international ministry.

Program Information

MACU’s BS in Ministry Leadership Degree On Campus: Faith With a Purpose

It’s vital for future ministers and pastors to have a firm grasp of the Bible and how to read, interpret and apply its teachings in different situations. Our bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry will equip you with a strong foundation in biblical history and the Christian Church, preparing you to minister others with a firm understanding of biblical principles. Our ministry professors include licensed pastors and theological experts who have committed their lives to Christ by furthering His ministry in the classroom.

By completing the degree on campus, students study in a welcoming Christian environment where professors are accessible and fellow students are like-minded. In addition to growing your knowledge base in preparation for your future career, you will experience spiritual growth through a close-knit Christian community, chapel services, devotionals, clubs, and more.

Plus, MACU’s proximity to Oklahoma City provides students with access to a wide array of adventures to explore. Think mountain biking at nearby state parks or time spent exploring restaurants, museums, and other attractions OKC is famous for. And don’t forget sports. From rodeos to professional basketball, there are sporting events throughout the year.

Here’s how a MACU ministry degree fits into your educational goals:

  • Degree programs that are efficient and affordable
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Christ-centered student body
  • Competitive sports (including e-sports)
  • A safe and secure campus, suitable for both residential and commuting students
person in button-up shirt holding a book that looks like a Bible

A Ministry Leadership Degree to Further God’s Kingdom

Every program at MACU is taught with a Christ-centered focus, but our ministry degrees teach students how to share the Word of God as a Christian leader and shepherd. It’s part of our mission to prepare students to answer and fulfill God’s calling and further His kingdom through full-time ministry. Our professors are knowledgeable, accessible, and eager to assist your journey as disciple maker. 

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  • BINT2103

    Basic Principles of Inductive Bible Study

    This course will introduce the basic principles of the Inductive Bible study method: observation, interpretation, composition and application.

  • BINT3103

    Synoptic Gospels

    sAn exegetical study of selected passages in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Attention is also given to the Synoptic relationship, authorship, date, and message of each book. Prerequisite: BINT 1203. Offered fall semester: even numbered years.

  • BIOT3713

    Prophetic Books/Eschatology

    A study of prophetic literature in the Old and New Testaments, and the biblical teaching on the kingdom of God, Christ’s second coming, and theories on Christ’s return. Prerequisites: BINT 1203 and THEO 2303.

  • PMIN1103

    Foundations of Ministry

    This is the first course in ministry for those who are preparing for ministry. Serious attention will be given to the nature of a call to ministry and an appropriate response. Through various testing instruments, observation and interview, the student will assess his/her temperament, interest, and gifts for ministry and/or other careers. Each person will receive assistance in setting personal and educational goals. Offered every semester.

  • PMIN2603

    Christian Education Ministry and Discipleship

    An overview of the task and goals of Christian Education and its foundational role in the formation of Christian disciples. Historical, biblical, theological concepts will be utilized in practical applications. Prerequisite: PMIN 1103.

  • PMIN3023

    World Religions and Heretic Movements

    A study of the major living religions of today: Animism (Folk Religions), Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Taoism, Islam, and Judaism. Also some typical American cults are included. Offered fall semester: even numbered years.

  • PMIN3103

    Homiletics I

    The thrust of this course will be a study of the fundamental principles of sermon preparation. The lives and works of renowned speakers will be studied via video, audio, and printed texts. The emphasis will be on analyzing the content, methods, and skills that have distinguished these noted speakers. The steps of learning from the text, interpreting a text, arriving at a message, and designing a sermon will be followed in preparing the message. Students will gain experience in the preparation of their own sermons. Prerequisite: COMM 1103. Offered every fall semester.

  • PMIN3123

    Evangelism and Discipleship

    A study of the nature, purpose and process of biblical evangelism and its application to various ministries. A study of New Testament discipleship principles and their application, with a special emphasis upon building disciplined relationships and small group ministry. Offered every fall semester.

  • PMIN3303

    Christian Worship

    This course is designed to sharpen the student’s skills as a participant and leader of worship services. A study is made of the principles and foundations of worship, the history of liturgies and forms and current expressions of public and private worship. The elements of worship are noted with an emphasis upon maintaining a central theme Prerequisite: PMIN 1103.

  • PMIN3343

    Church Growth and Health

    Introduction to church growth is designed to explore biblical and theological basis for church growth and evangelism. Sociological and leadership factors inform the student of ministry growth and evangelism. Sociological and leadership factors inform the student of ministry. Principles of church growth will be learned and prepared for future application. Prerequisite: PMIN 1103. Offered fall semester: even numbered years.

  • PMIN4103

    Ministry and Nonprofit Administration

    This course will expose students to the daily operations of administrative leadership in the church and workplace. Students will be introduced to effective governance structures, strategic planning, developing networks, and the importance of leadership training and mentoring.

  • PMIN4303

    Leadership Formation

    This course will introduce the student to basic leadership principles and methods. Students will be exposed to various leadership styles. Students will understand the principles of a personal leadership style, vision, mission and purpose. The student will examine the role of change, inspiration/motivation and servant leadership. Prerequisites: PMIN 1103. Offered every spring semester.

  • PMIN4603

    Pastoral Counseling

    A study of counseling from a Christian perspective as it relates to helping persons deal more effectively with personal, spiritual, and non-pathological problems. Specific issues will be examined. Attention will be given to the development of counseling skills and role-playing. Prerequisites: PSYC 1103. Offered every spring semester.

  • PMIN4623

    Spiritual & Congregational Care

    This course will expose students to a variety of ministry models that will assist congregational leaders in meeting the spiritual and critical life needs within the congregation.

  • THEO3403

    The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

    The person and work of the Holy Spirit is studied in the light of Biblical teaching {with an emphasis on a Wesleyan perspective}. The activity of the Holy Spirit is traced through the Old and New Testaments, with special emphasis upon the teaching of Christ and Pauline Pneumatology. The historical development of the doctrine is also considered. Three hours. Prerequisite: THEO 2103-2203. Offered fall semester: even numbered years

  • THEO3603

    Spiritual Formation and Ministry

    The purpose in this class will be to explore and practice disciplines of Christianity which are foundational for a dynamic Christian life and ministry. Such a lifestyle will ultimately lead to a life of holiness, as a part of the experience of sanctification and the ongoing process of holy living. Prerequisite: PMIN 3013.

  • THEO4303

    Church of God Theology

    This course studies the distinctive vision and contribution of writers in the Church of God Reformation Movement (Anderson) to the understanding of the Christian life and sanctification, the Church, the eschatology in their historical context. Issues of church polity and collaborative Ministries within this movement will also be considered. Prerequisites: BINT 1103 and BINT 1203. Offered fall semester: even numbered years.

  • THEO4403

    Theology of Ministry

    This course clarifies and grounds the practical functions of pastoral ministry and congregational leadership in a biblical model of ministry as participation in God’s continuing activity of reconciliation. We will consider theologically the relationship between God’s and our ministry and some practical implications of this, as well as the role of personal formation in faithful ministry. Prerequisites: THEO 2203 or THEO 2303. Offered spring semester: odd numbered years.